Teachers marching for pay equity

Workers affected include support staff and early childhood teachers. Photo credit: Getty

Women in the education sector will be taking to the streets to rally for pay equity on Saturday.

The Fair's Fair Mana Taurite events will be held across the country.

"We are working on it in the education sphere, but pay equity is something that applies to many women in many industries as well," says Education Institute president Lynda Stuart.

Ms Stuart says some women are being paid $4 an hour less than what they should be.

"They're actually in situations where they don't have job security and don't actually have a career development programme that is supporting them with their work."

Workers affected include support staff and early childhood teachers.

"We're wanting to see that they get the move towards pay equity sooner, rather than later. Some of these people have been waiting far too long."

Ms Stuart says women in many areas of education have been historically undervalued, and it's time that changed.

The Government has hinted at a pay boost for teachers in the upcoming Budget, as graduates flee the sector in the hunt for better pay.

"The children of New Zealand deserve the best education in the world and the government has committed to that," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in March.

"We need to address these issues now, otherwise the crisis in teaching will only escalate and we'll be faced with classes of 40 or more children."


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