Tova O'Brien busts RadioLIVE hosts saying 'No one does a poll like Paddy'

Newshub's political editor Tova O'Brien left RadioLIVE Sunday Sports hosts squirming after overhearing them discussing the Sunday night poll.

Former Newshub political editor Patrick Gower's poll coverage became celebrated for his enthusiastic manner, and his two-word descriptors - think "dramatic and devastating" and "incredibly explosive".

Sunday Sports hosts Jim Kayes and Andrew Gourdie, as well as Tom McRae were discussing Gower's polls on air, unaware O'Brien could hear them from around the corner.

"No one did a poll like Paddy. He got excited about his polls, didn't he?" Jim Kayes said.

"Some would say too excited at times," Andrew Gourdie replied.

A short while later, O'Brien popped into the studio.

"Say it to my face!" she joked, seemingly enjoying busting the hosts.

"I agree that no one does a poll like Paddy," she said.

"As Paddy might have said, this is a blockbuster poll, heads will roll, the entire Parliament could be forced to resign off the back of this poll."

"Sorry @TovaOBrien I should never have doubted you. I didn’t really it’s just @patrickgowernz is, well, he’s paddy. Still love ya," Kayes tweeted.

Watch the video.


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