What do Kiwis think of Prime Minister Winston Peters?

A majority of New Zealanders are either unsure or uneasy about Winston Peters' upcoming stint as acting Prime Minister.

A Newshub-Reid research poll found just 39 percent thought Mr Peters would do well in the job, meaning more than 60 percent didn't, or were feeling unsure.

Mr Peters says he is optimistic about his time in the big seat.

"I think it should be a period of great stability and progress in the country," he said.

Newshub asked if he thought he had New Zealanders on side with him stepping into the role.

"All the reasonable, right-thinking ones, yes," he replied.

But the Deputy Prime Minister appears to be suffering at the hands of 'Jacinda-mania' when it comes to popularity.

While he always rates in the preferred Prime Minister rankings, the public's appetite for him is waning.

Last year his peak was 11.9 percent - though he dropped to around 7 percent when Jacinda Ardern became the leader of the Labour Party.

In this poll he's dropped right down to 4.6 percent.