Winston Peters' bizarre rating, name for Budget 2018

Winston Peters has given the Budget "about seven" out of 10 on the satisfaction scale. 

But for "real things and real policies", the Deputy Prime Minister and NZ First leader gives it "about a nine and a half". 

"It's a seriously good Budget in the sense that it's sound financially," he said.

"It has serious the business of being fiscally responsible is clear as daylight, but there's serious social investment which has been desperately declining in the last nine years." 

Asked if he had named Budget 2018, he consulted his speech notes.

"A Budget building foundations, fact not fiction, real not fake news," he said.

While reading his notes, journalists caught a glimpse of a cartoon illustration.

"That's a picture of the National Party, when they're [reading] the Budget," he said.

He said he was going to show them the picture.