Winston Peters threatens fellow ministers ahead of stint as Prime Minister

Winston Peters is gearing up for his stint as Prime Minister, already telling other ministers off and issuing threats.

But if you think that would earn a rebuke from the actual Prime Minister, think again - there's no shortage of love for New Zealand First.

Mr Peters has warned ministers to toe the line if they want to be in this Government.

Labour and the Greens are at loggerheads over Te Reo in schools; The Greens want it compulsory - Labour and New Zealand First, not so much.

Except some Labour Ministers broke the line by saying they do want compulsion - though it's not a word they're repeating after Mr Peters' scolding.

But when asked whether part of Mr Peters' role was chastising Labour Party ministers, Ms Ardern had nothing but kind words to say about her second-in-command.

"Everyone in this Government will have opinions, but we interact with one another on a fantastic collegial basis," she said.

Mr Peters does look like the teacher's pet, fresh from announcing nearly $1 billion for his Foreign Affairs portfolio.

National is smarting and lashing out.

"A payback for Winston Peters choosing the Government - and making pretty clear who's the real boss around these things: it's Winston Peters," Mr Bridges said.

The foreign spend-up is in response to major cuts it made in 2012.

The most symbolic dig is an embassy in Stockholm; originally opened by Labour, but shut down by National during that restructuring. Mr Peters is reopening it - his middle-finger gesture to National.

Winston Peters seems comfortable in his role as Prime Minister's attack dog, and he's enjoying the treats.

But Jacinda Ardern will be on maternity leave soon, then Mr Peters really will be Prime Minister. The pit-bull will be forced to turn Labrador - while Ardern's away Peters has to behave