Christchurch earthquake victim outraged over Government spying

A victim of the Christchurch earthquake is outraged after finding out the private investigators that snooped on him when trying to get his insurance claim dealt with were also colluding with spies on the issue.

Cam Preston was spied on by private investigators employed by state-owned insurer Southern Response.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was revealed that Government spies for the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) were involved too.

The SIS were not involved in the actual spying, but did come in to brief Southern Response on security protection issues at Thompson and Clark's request.

Mr Preston said it's really hard to believe.

"My understanding is that the SIS are New Zealand spies, so I can't see why they'd be involved in this at all."

Private investigators Thompson and Clark were working for Southern Response, and emails show a close relationship with the Protective Security Requirements team, known as PSR.

PSR helps government agencies with security advice and is part of the SIS.

Emails between an SIS spy and a private investigator have been released, prompting the Director-General of the SIS, Rebecca Kitteridge, to make a statement.

"The tone of some of the emails raise concerns about the standards of professionalism being displayed, and raise questions in relation to conduct and possible bias in favour of Thompson and Clark."

Cam Preston says he was only trying to get his insurance claim sorted - but was treated as if he was a threat like the WINZ shooter.

He believes the private investigators snooped on public meetings.

"I've long had a suspicion that Thompson and Clark are wanting to make money, to commercialise spying."

The emails show a "matey" relationship between the private investigator and the spy, even talking about après-ski drinks after hitting the slopes.

"It's a very matey relationship, there's a lot of favours being done."

In one email, Thompson and Clark say: "Fancy doing an overnighter and seeing if I can get you in to do Southern Response? - they have indicated they would like to go down the PSR path."

Protective Security reply: "Yep, I could probably do that. Who is Southern Response?"

Thompson and Clark then write: "Government backed insurer handling claims in Christchurch post-quake after AMI went bust."

Then Protective Security say: "I have clearance to travel on the 22/23 June. I thought I would head to Chch by mid morning, have the afternoon for Southern Response."