Fuel tax: Where to fill up before prices rise

  • 29/06/2018

Aucklanders looking to beat the regional fuel tax have until Sunday to fill up their tanks.

From then, petrol will get 11.5c more expensive.

"It's going to be happy Friday, happy Saturday, sad Sunday," Gull general manager Dave Bodger told The AM Show on Friday.

He expects many people, especially truckies, will just fuel up south of the Bombay Hills instead.

"That's a big flood of tax disappearing. Businesses will get around it that way."

The truly dedicated might even go a bit further to Atiamuri between Tokoroa and Taupo, which Mr Bodger says has the cheapest fuel in the country.

Like National transport spokeswoman Judith Collins, who's calling the hike the 'Phil Phil' tax after Transport Minister Phil Twyford and Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, Mr Bodger thinks it'll hurt the poor.

"You will move down from steak to sausages and you won't go to the movies. People will still buy petrol because they need to get to their jobs."

Where is Atiamuri? Right there, in the yellow circle.
Where is Atiamuri? Right there, in the yellow circle. Photo credit: Google Maps

Labour has denied this, saying the extra investment in public transport will make commuting better for people both with and without cars.

Gull on Friday has knocked 10c off its usual prices, meaning for now you can fill up at $1.99 even in central Auckland.