Gerry Brownlee caught playing Solitaire during Parliament Question Time

  • 12/06/2018

Many of us fall victim to addictive phone games, but few would get away with playing them on work time.

National MP Gerry Brownlee has been snapped playing a card game on his phone during Question Time in Parliament.

However, there will be no reprimand from his boss.

"It's not against the rules," said National Leader Simon Bridges.

"He's one of the rare men that can multitask."

As for Brownlee, he simply said he needed a moment to himself.

"I didn't spend the whole time by any means playing the Solitaire game. It was just a few moments where I was playing solitaire.

"Sometimes it's better to distract yourself rather than getting into any arguments."

Even Labour MP Chris Hipkins refused to condemn Brownlee's actions, refusing to comment on whether he himself has ever played games on his phone during Question Time.