Police Commissioner asks to meet Marama Davidson over racism claims

Police Commissioner asks to meet Marama Davidson over racism claims
Photo credit: The AM Show

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has asked to meet Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson over her claims of "systemic racism" in the police force.

Ms Davidson says she believes police cannot be trusted to be armed due to their bias.

She says her brother, 42, is still "often" pulled over when he's driving for "random checks".

"This started when he was a teen," Ms Davidson wrote on Twitter.

"He was with his pākehā friend, she freaked out at him being pulled over, he told her this was nothing new. She had no idea, was blown away.

"My bro is a 42-year-old professional and community leader, but brown and gruff-looking."

Ms Davidson says her brother is "privileged enough" to have the tools to deal with the "systematic racism".

"For others of our people, they can't live up to this burden unfair. If we had armed cops, who knows...

"So those of us privileged enough with the nous, teach our kids to respond to state sanctioned racism with dignity and courtesy so that they don't get sucked up into the criminal system.

"This is ill-making. And yet we persist."

Mr Bush says suggestions of systemic racism within the force are at odds with its core values, such as diversity and commitment to Māori.

"The perception of our organisation by Ms Davidson is a real concern that we need to address," he said

"I would welcome an opportunity to meet with Ms Davidson so that she can understand what we are doing in this area.

"The headline allegation of 'systemic racism' does not reflect who we are as an organisation, or the service we deliver to help keep New Zealanders safe every day."


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