How DWTS NZ could help David Seymour keep his Epsom seat

  • 05/06/2018

David Seymour's getting heat online for his goofy moves on Dancing With The Stars NZ - but it may be worth it come the next election.

National Party leader Simon Bridges joked that "if he wins", there might be a higher likelihood of another coalition with ACT in 2020.

"It's got to help his chances though right?" Mr Bridges said on The AM Show.

"We like having friends. David's a friend... sort of."

Mr Seymour's been hammered online by critics of his dancing, which while a little awkward, are seemingly forgiven by his huge grin.

On Monday night's week five elimination round, the ACT leader was the first to be marked safe for next week.

Mr Bridges admitted he hasn't voted for Mr Seymour, but says he "salutes him for his courage".

And when asked if he'd ever give it a crack, Mr Bridges gave a blunt "no".