Jacinda Ardern 'pretty much' ready to become a mum

Jacinda Ardern isn't expecting a quick labour.

The Prime Minister is due to give birth this weekend, but not before sitting down with Newshub Nation for an interview. While the discussion was largely about justice reform, she touched on the other dramatic change she has in store - becoming a mother.

"What do you think has been the hardest part of having such a high-profile pregnancy?" asked host Lisa Owen.

"Still just morning sickness," said the 37-year-old. It kicked in on the day she was sworn in as Prime Minister, she revealed in January.

"I've had the same experience that so many women have had," continued Ms Ardern.

"I've just done it in a particularly public role, but actually the challenges I faced aren't unique. They're not new, and probably, I'd say, those early days, when we were establishing the coalition government, we just concluded negotiations, I was formally setting ahead the path for us as a Government. That was probably the time I felt the worst, and I just had to get on with it, and I did."

She's "sort of" packed her bag and is "pretty much" ready to go, as soon as the baby is.

"Everything that anyone would think to take - toothbrush, pyjamas, not much more than that. I've always heard that you can really overdo it with those bags. I've kept mine pretty simple, pretty basic... I think I've been very careful not to buy into this sense of overdramatisation. Things happen pretty slowly. I think I will be. Well, in some cases, I think I'll be one of those."

Owen warned those might be "famous last words".