Parliament to get a playground

Parliament to get a playground
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Parliament will get a play space on the lawn out the front of the Beehive.

Speaker Trevor Mallard announced the plans, aiming to increase engagement with Parliament, on Tuesday morning.

"Parliament is a place for everyone, and this space will help demystify Parliament and make families and children feel more welcome," the Speaker said in a statement.

The design hasn't been formalised but will use natural materials and reflect the history of the land.

Parliament to get a playground
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Construction is due to begin in spring.

The Speaker is also considering opening Parliament's cafe, Copperfields, to the public on non-sitting days.

"This is in order to encourage its further use, get people into the building, and provide a more consistent clientele for Icon Venues, the company behind the catering and cafe, and more regular and predictable hours for their staff."