Why Paula Bennett turned down Dancing With The Stars

National Party deputy leader Paula Bennett says she turned down an offer to be part of Dancing With The Stars this season.

"I was asked, and I was asked not just once but a couple of times," she said.

She and her husband sat down together to make a list of pros and cons to her becoming a dancing star, and were "laughing uproariously" throughout the process.

"The pros had you will get fitter, full stop, and the cons were about three pages," Ms Bennett told RadioLIVE on Friday. 

During an earlier interview with Newshub Nation, Ms Bennett said the biggest misconception the public has about her is that she doesn't care about beneficiaries.

"I cared so much, and I wanted to make a difference so much. People didn't like everything I did but I didn't do it to be liked, I did it to make a difference," she said.

Ms Bennett said she meets people who got into work or furthered their education because of the changes she made as Minister of Social Development.

She said she welcomes the Prime Minister's chief science adviser Sir Peter Gluckman's bombshell report on incorrect standards on meth contamination in housing, saying when in Government she had "genuine concerns" about the standards but acted on the best advice available.

"I regret that there were people who wanted homes and couldn't get them because they were deemed to be unsafe, and this report tells us that they probably weren't," she said.

Ms Bennett is looking forward to watching soon-to-be acting Prime Minister Winston Peters "having his moment in the sun".

"I just can't wait to see how it goes and how he responds to media because he might not like me that much, but he hates you guys more," she said.

During the conversation on Facebook Live, Ms Bennett admitted she regrets taking a jab at the Prime Minister for creating a Spotify playlist and facing serious backlash online.

"I got so much stick about it and I thought you know what, you deserve it, suck it up, take it," she said.

She says she will pick up a karaoke microphone anytime anywhere, even if she's sober.

As for who she's backing on Dancing With The Stars, she hopes "anyone but David Seymour" wins the show. She's a fan of contestant Jess Quinn, who she said is extraordinary, praising her for her elegance and poise.


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