David Seymour appeals to Opportunities Party voters while holding cats

David Seymour has made an appeal to fans of the recently deregistered The Opportunities Party (TOP) - while holding cats.

The ACT leader posted a short video to his official Facebook and Instagram accounts on Tuesday. The 16-second clip opens with the phrase "calling all ex-supporters" alongside TOP's logo.

It then cuts to a shot of Mr Seymour sitting on a couch holding a cat. Another cat can be seen sniffing the politician and climbing onto his lap.

"Is your political party recently deregistered?" he asks.

"Would you like evidence-based policy with actual evidence - maybe without the cantankerous leader? Do we have a deal for you."

The URL to join the ACT Party then flashes onscreen.

TOP deregistered as a party on Monday, seven months after it failed to clear the 5 percent threshold of election votes needed to make it into Parliament.

While Mr Seymour's recruitment video seems to be genuinely trying to appeal to voters who liked TOP's policies, it's also a dig at leader Gareth Morgan, who has in the past called for domestic cats to be wiped out.

Mr Seymour thanked the BaristaCats Café in the video caption, indicating that he filmed the clip inside the Auckland coffee shop that houses 13 rescue cats. He didn't name the two felines who appeared in the video.