James Shaw's epic burn on Donald Trump

James Shaw doesn't have a lot to say about Donald Trump.

The US President's actions and words in recent weeks have even begun to concern his fellow Republicans, who - a year-and-a-half into his presidency - are openly distancing themselves from the former reality TV star.

In case you're not up to speed, here's a list of recent controversies involving the Trump White House.

Appearing on The AM Show on Friday, Mr Shaw and National Party MP Mark Mitchell were asked if the US President was "credible or just completely incredible".

Both initially reacted in almost exactly the same way - a sudden, apprehensive laugh - but had very different responses when asked to elaborate.

"The relationship with the US is very important," said Mr Mitchell, who spent time in Iraq after the US invasion of 2003 as a private security contractor.

"We have to make sure we preserve that and we're always advancing the interests of the country. I think some of his recent comments around Russia show poor judgement, and now he's trying to backtrack on that - and I think it's important that he does."

Mr Shaw didn't want to use words to describe his feelings.

"Is it legitimate just to do a massive eye-roll at this point?" he asked.

"You can do that if you like, go for it," replied host Duncan Garner.

And he did.