PM Jacinda Ardern teases employment announcement upon return to work

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has committed to tackling a range of issues important to her when she returns to Parliament in roughly just over a week.

Ms Ardern, who is currently on maternity leave following the birth of her daughter Neve five weeks ago, took to Facebook Live on Sunday to say she knew the public expected her to hit the ground running when she gets back to Wellington.

Mental health, the environment, and trade matters are all on the agenda, with the Prime Minister teasing that an employment-related announcement would be made in her first week back.

"[It's] one I am really proud to be standing alongside the Employment Minister [Willie Jackson] on," said Ms Ardern, saying it is something she had been involved with for a long time.

While she didn't provide any further details, the Prime Minister did say she would keep in touch and share more as she re-enters politics.

In the Facebook Live, Ms Ardern showed viewers the stacks of papers she says she reads every Sunday to prepare for the upcoming week.