Simon Bridges boosts personal brand with video showing off drum skills

Simon Bridges' latest attempt to boost his profile features a lot of drumming.

During the annual National Party conference at SkyCity Convention Centre on Saturday, the party leader unveiled a pre-filmed video that promised big things for the future.

The clip began with Mr Bridges walking into a music studio to a strong drum beat, indicating that we were about to see quite a different side to the former lawyer.

"Ever since I was a kid, I was always in a hurry," he could be heard saying over photos of him as a child. "Place to go, things to do."

He credited his parents with teaching him the values of honesty, integrity and compassion, as well as thriftiness. He also detailed his many part-time jobs - including gardening and waiting tables - which saw him through university.

"Fell in love with a leftie," he said of wife Natalie, whom he met at Oxford where he completed his postgraduate law degree.

The video showed the couple at home with their three young children as Mr Bridges talked about how he gave up a "top job" in a law firm to become a Crown prosecutor.

Simon Bridges could be seen spending time with his three young children in the video.
Simon Bridges could be seen spending time with his three young children in the video. Photo credit: The National Party

"Everyone thought I was mad, but I did it because I cared."

As well as giving the viewer a glimpse into his home life, the clip also emphasised Mr Bridges' musical talent, with shots of him playing a drumkit as well as a traditional Polynesian drum.

The politician has showed off his percussion prowess before; in June, he closed a public meeting in Hastings by playing the drums.

After showing us musical prodigy Simon Bridges and family man Simon Bridges, it was time for him to talk politics.

Boasting that he "beat Winston" to win a seat in Parliament in 2008 - with whom he has been locked in a war of words for some time - Mr Bridges said National had a new team and new ideas to "take New Zealand into the future".

He claimed Labour has lost control of the economy, citing increased industrial action up and down the country (although it's dubious whether there really has been more striking under the current Government) and petrol costs "going through the roof".

"The left think they have a monopoly on compassion," Mr Bridges said.

"It's simply not true. I care about your kids, I care about their education, I care about your safety, I care about your health and I care about our environment."

This declaration was illustrated with photos of him holding babies, as well as stock footage of New Zealand's coasts and farmlands.

After claiming job creation has fallen by 60 percent in less than a year since Labour won the 2017 election, Mr Bridges unveiled a new party slogan: "New team, new ideas, New Zealand."

The promotional video comes after Mr Bridges wrapped up a national roadshow aimed at boosting his popularity while Jacinda Ardern is away on maternity leave.

In the most recent Newshub-Reid Research poll, he clocked in at 9 percent support for preferred Prime Minister - well behind Ms Ardern on 40.2 percent.