Winston Peters takes dig at minor parties on NZ First's 25th birthday

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters has taken a dig at New Zealand First's minor party rivals that have failed, as the party celebrates its 25th birthday.

"No other new party can claim our record of electoral success. We are now the third-longest running party in New Zealand's democratic history," the New Zealand First leader said in a statement.

"We've seen political parties formed in recent times, backed by millions of dollars and big ideas, that have collapsed without the support of everyday New Zealanders."

Mr Peters' comment was timely considering the deregistration of multi-millionaire Gareth Morgan's The Opportunities Party (TOP) last week.

The pair have a fraught relationship - with Mr Morgan calling Mr Peters an "Uncle Tom" with a "Cheshire Cat grin", and the NZ First leader responding by labelling him "a toothless sheep" at an event last year.

NZ First was formed on July 18, 1993 at Alexandra Park, after Mr Peters resigned from the National Party and was re-elected as an independent in a Tauranga by-election.

Since then, the party has been part of three governments.

"I would like to thank the tens of thousands of members and supporters who have contributed to our success, and helped us overcome the very real adversity we've faced," Mr Peters said.


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