All the National MPs' expenses revealed

Newshub can reveal the amount National Party MPs spent on accommodation and travel in April to June this year, according to the document leaked to political editor Tova O'Brien.

National Party leader Simon Bridges' expenses were flung into the spotlight on Monday after the leaked document revealed he'd spent $113,000 on accommodation and travel. Most of the bill was $83,000 on Crown limos.

Mr Bridges' spending far outstripped his MPs' - but he likely did the most travelling as part of his roadshow. The next highest bill was $39,387 for Hamish Walker, who commutes to one of New Zealand's most far-flung electorates: Clutha-Southland. Electorate MPs in Clutha-Southland often come away with high expense bills because of the flying and driving involved in their commute.

Other MPs with high expenses were Taupo's Louise Upston ($34,434, majority surface travel) and Waitaki's Jacqui Dean ($34,796, majority surface travel).

Nikki Kaye's expenses ($31,517) were unusually high for the Auckland central MP. In the October to December 2017 quarter, she spent $13,958.

Ms Kaye said she chooses not to use parking buildings because it would cost the taxpayer more.

"I do what is required to get the job done. I'm a very hard-working MP."

Anne Tolley ($31,867) said because she's deputy speaker, she gets a higher accommodation allowance.

"The accommodation certainly bumps it up, and I'm in a big electorate, and I do use a rental car to get from place to another, and provincial New Zealand pay much bigger airfares."

Jo Hayes has one of the higher accommodation expenses for outside of Wellington. She said that's because she's travelling to meet with iwi as part of her role as spokesperson for Whānau Ora and Māori education.

According to the document, the lowest-spending MPs are all based in Wellington. The lowest spender was Brett Hudson, who is a list MP based in Ōhāriu. His expenses came to $7402. Other low spenders were Alistair Scott, based in Wairarapa and Chris Finlayson, who is a list MP based in Wellington.

All the National MPs' expenses revealed
Photo credit: Newshub.
All the National MPs' expenses revealed
Photo credit: Newshub.


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