Duncan Garner's 5-point plan to pay teachers more

Primary school teachers and principals have announced they will go on strike, demanding pay increases. But where will the money come from?

The AM Show host Duncan Garner has ideas - and they don't involve paying more to the government coffers.

"No, I pay enough tax. I pay heaps of tax. I pay a huge amount of tax. It's about priorities," Garner declared.

"Go through like Steven Joyce did and look at where money can be cut. There's plenty of money to be cut. You could actually do this, it's about priorities. You don't need to pay more tax."

Instead, he's come up with a five-point plan to fund increased teacher salaries.

"The $1 billion fund from Shane Jones, you can scale that back," he said on Thursday.

"That's going to all sorts of things that we have question marks about."

The Government's Fees Free plan also came under fire.

"$300 million for the students in the first year? They don't need that, they get 85 percent of the thing funded anyway," he argues.

"Target social spending. I don't need free childhood education, early childhood education. I can afford that myself," Garner says.

"I'm lucky enough and privileged enough in the position I am to afford that. You don't need to subsidise me on that."

"$2.3 billion for four new planes out of America - they're actually second-hand planes, we don't need those," Garner declared.

"And 99 MPs? Cut 21 MPs. That will save $21 million a year. That's a start."