National MPs singing from the same song sheet on Simon Bridges' expenses

  • 14/08/2018

The National Party caucus has a clear message on their leader's $113,000 expense bill - he is busy working hard and listening to New Zealanders.

When asked what they thought of leader Simon Bridges' spending on Crown cars and hotels, MPs had suspiciously similar answers.

"He's getting out there talking to people", "He's busy getting out there and listening to new Zealanders."

"He's working hard", "Busy", "[he's] clearly hard working."

The National Party leader's expenses were leaked to Newshub's political editor Tova O'Brien ahead of their expected public release.

The timeline of a whodunit


On Monday night, Newshub broke the story that Simon Bridges had spent $113,000 on Crown limos and accomodation. The information had been leaked to Newshub.

On Tuesday, speculation was mounting over the source of the leak. The information had been seen by the Speaker's office, bureaucrats at Parliament and the National Party caucus.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Speaker said the format of the documents indicated the source wasn't the Parliamentary Library or his own office.

Two hours later, Mr Bridges held a press conference in which he called for someone like a High Court judge to review the leak. He said he's confident the source was not a National Party MP.

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