Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to donate 'several thousand dollars' to Plunket

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will make a donation of several thousand dollars to Plunket as she returns from maternity leave.

Ms Ardern spoke to Newshub on her first day back after six weeks of maternity leave. The Prime Minister gave exclusive interviews to the New Zealand media.

Partner Clarke Gayford is now the full time caregiver of baby Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford.

Ms Ardern earned her usual salary during the six weeks, and says the donation to Plunket will be "in the order of several thousand dollars".

"I wanted to make a contribution, an acknowledgement that I'm in a special set of circumstances," Ms Ardern told Newshub.

"I consider us incredibly lucky. We had Neve at full-term, she's a healthy baby - and now with the eye of the parent looking at what some other parents experience I definitely see the need for that support."

She will also be donating resources to Auckland Hospital, where baby Neve was born and spent the first few days of her life.

"Over this period that I've been on leave I did have an opportunity to spend a little bit more time in and around the hospital, seeing what needs exist there for new families.

"I'm keen to just at a personal level try and make a contribution there that might make a difference for a few families."

Ms Ardern also told Newshub the Government will make a major employment announcement next week, and confirmed baby Neve will travel with her to the United Nations General Assembly in New York next month.


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