Scott Morrison to become Australia's new Prime Minister

Australia's Liberal Party MP Scott Morrison has won the party room vote to become the country's 30th Prime Minister. 

The 50-year-old - whose maternal grandfather was born in New Zealand - will take over from ousted Malcolm Turnbull on Friday.

Regarded by many as "ScoMo", he has been a MP since 2007, entering Australian Parliament as a representative in the New South Wales seat of Cook. 

A conservative, he's an evangelical Christian worshiping at the Pentecostal Church. He's married with two daughters and he lives in Sydney – and is a massive rugby league fan.

Mr Morrison isn't as well-known as Peter Dutton who recently resigned as Minister for Home Affairs after failing to get enough votes to oust Mr Turnbull. 

But the impending Prime Minister Mr Morrison - who did secure enough votes - has had his fair share of controversy.

Mr Morrison entered politics in 2007. In 2013, he became a minister under former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Before Peter Dutton's time, Mr Morrison was Minister for Immigration. 

During that time, he was heavily critised for footage aimed at asylum seekers where he said, "You have been brought to this palce here because you have sought to illegally enter Australia by boat."

Mr Morrison adds, "You will remain here until you go home or are settled somewhere else other than Australia."

He has been criticised because he is against amending the Marriage Act 1961 to allow same sex couples to marry. He also doesn't appear to be a big supporter of clean energy. 

In February 2017, Mr Morrison addressed the Australian House of Representatives while holding a lump of coal, saying "This is coal. Don't be afraid. Don't be scared. It won't hurt you." 

He also accused those concerned about the environmental impact of the coal industry of having "an ideological, pathological fear of coal." 

When Malcolm Turnbull rolled Tony Abbott three years ago, Mr Morrison became treasurer. That's where he's served Mr Turnbull for the last three years. And at times he's been known to have a short temper in the role. 

Suggestions Thursday night Mr Morrison would run for the leadership surprised some, particularly after declaring his support for Mr Turnbull only days ago. Now he finds himself in the top job.

Before entering parliament, Mr Morrison worked in tourism, including as director of New Zealand's Office of Tourism and Sport from 1998 to 2000 and as managing director of Tourism Australia from 2004 to 2006. 

He was involved with the creation of the long-running "100 percent pure New Zealand" campaign, according to the Sydney Morning Herald

Mr Morrison became the leader of the Liberal Party on Friday through a leadership spill and is set to become Australia's next Prime Minister.  

It's a significant achievement, but one that's been fraught with trouble for his predecessors. So while Scomo's set to start leading his country, you can be sure, the drama isn’t over yet.



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