Simon Bridges called a 'chauvinistic pig' after implying the PM is told what to say

Labour MP Chris Hipkins called Opposition leader Simon Bridges a "chauvinistic pig" after Mr Bridges implied the Prime Minister is told what to say during Question Time.

Mr Bridges said Finance Minister Grant Robertson is a "ventriloquist", implying he tells Jacinda Ardern how to answer questions.

Mr Bridges was told to withdraw his comment and apologise, which he did - but not without comment from Mr Hipkins, who was himself told to withdraw his comment and apologise.

"I apologise for calling the Leader of the Opposition a chauvinistic pig," Mr Hipkins said.

As an experienced politician and Leader of the House, it's highly likely Mr Hipkins knows how to correctly withdraw and apologise - and it's not by repeating the offending statement.

He was told to again withdraw and apologise, according to Standing Orders, and five questions were awarded to National for Mr Hipkins' failure to correctly withdraw and apologise.

It was a Question Time more fiery than most. National has felt the heat over the leak of its expenses, and the echoes of teachers protesting were heard throughout Parliament on Wednesday.

Mr Bridges had been questioning Ms Ardern about the teacher strikes, asking why the Government chose to spend $3 billion on fees free tertiary education instead of teacher salaries.

After the interruption, Ms Ardern said Mr Robertson had muttered "We didn't".

"I am going to expand substantially on that answer," Ms Ardern said.

"In the last budget we prioritised funding to 1500 more teachers," she said.

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