'This isn't comedy hour!': Simon Bridges apologises after yelling at Prime Minister in Parliament

National Party leader Simon Bridges has apologised for interrupting the Prime Minister to yell at her as she responded to his question.

Mr Bridges asked the Prime Minister if she stood by her Government's policies and actions.

"Yes, and I also stand by my statements such as "our agenda will grow the economy, will make sure businesses..." she said, before being interrupted.

"This isn't comedy hour!" Mr Bridges yelled across the House.

She continued: "...are in a position to grow and prosper because I need that economic growth to be able to lift the wellbeing of all New Zealanders."

Mr Bridges then asked if she accepted that her Government's industrial relations policies were a factor in plummeting business confidence.

"If that is in any way featuring in the minds of the businesses who answered that survey, it shouldn't - particularly given these reflect the changes in the legislation that existed in the 2000s, when New Zealand's economy was absolutely thriving," she answered.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters raised a point of order with the Speaker of the House.

"I want to point out that when the leader of the Opposition asks his questions, he then starts shouting... he not be allowed to do that every time he asks a question, he should sit there and get the answer properly," he said.

The Speaker then asked Mr Bridges to withdraw and apologise, which he did.

"If the leader of the Opposition does want to have an answer to his questions, then I think he should at least, when he sits down, stop commenting at that point for some time," the Speaker said.