Andrew Little mocks rival politicians in hilarious spoof video

Forget Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem, Andrew Little has dropped the hottest diss video of 2018 with shots fired at Paula Bennett, David Seymour and Gareth Morgan.

Unleashing some of the most brutal insults since 2Pac's 'Hit 'Em Up', the Labour hardman mocked Mr Seymour's dancing, John Key's three-way handshake and Bill English's "walk-run" exercise.

"Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. I'm Andrew Little. You may know me from such things as my cat (soz Gareth), beard polls, party hats and Dancing With The Stars," he says.

"Just kidding - that's not safe for twerk."

Mr Little is searching for a schoolchild aged between 16 to 18 who lives in the New Plymouth electorate to be the 2019 Youth MP.

"All you need to do is make a 60-second video of the Taranaki you want to see in 2028," he says.

"So zip it sweetie and lose yourself in the video. But if you're going to have backing track, make sure it's 'pretty legal'. So make it lit fam. Boom."

So far none of the politicians named have dropped their own videos, leaving Mr Little alone to run the Beehive's streets. But if they do retaliate, this could be bigger than the East Coast-West Coast feud.

Stay tuned.