Auckland residents could be in line for fuel tax rebate after being charged for heating

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Hundreds of Auckland residents could be in line for a rebate after they were charged extra tax to heat their homes.

Around 500-600 properties have been paying the extra 11.5 cents a litre introduced in July to heat their homes using diesel-powered generators, NZME reports.

Each of those homes has a 200 to 500 litre tank that needs filling twice a year, the Ministry of Transport estimated. This means could be incurring an extra cost of $46 to $115 per year.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford told NZME he was aware of the problem had asked officials to investigate if the Government could offer a rebate for tax backdated to July 1, 2018 to those affected.

Mr Twyford told NZME he found out about the issue in July when two homeowners had "rightly so" contacted him with concerns about the tax's impact on their power costs.