Clare Curran reminds voters she's still an MP

Embattled Labour MP Clare Curran has taken to social media to assure her followers she's still a Member of Parliament.

The ex-Minister of Broadcasting has lost her big portfolios and been dumped from Cabinet, but remains an MP.

"I want to reassure you that I am still your MP," Ms Curran wrote on her Facebook page.

"I understand why many people believe I have left Parliament altogether, given the storm of adverse publicity surrounding me, but I am still very much your MP and will do my best to represent you and advocate for your interests."

She says "cards, emails, messages and visits" have made it clear some locals think she was gone from Parliament altogether.

"You have always been and remain my first priority… Dunedin South and indeed Dunedin continues to have a staunch representative. Don't ever doubt that."

The majority of responses to her post were supportive.

"Really pleased you are still our local MP Clare, media and National party will always go for the jugular, and seem to forget that there is a human attached to that part," wrote one supporter.

"You do a great job for the locals Claire [sic], stay positive and remember Dunedin supports you!" said another.

Ms Curran has represented Dunedin South for Labour since 2008. She won it in 2017 with more than half the vote.