David Parker clashes with 1080 protesters after dead birds placed outside Parliament

Environment Minister David Parker has clashed with protesters outside Parliament, after the children of anti-1080 protesters placed dead birds, including a kererū, and other small animals surrounded by "fake" 1080 pellets on the steps of Parliament.

A protester told Mr Parker politicians and the Department of Conservation (DoC) are "terrorists" launching a "chemical attack" with the use of 1080 to control pests.

Mr Parker struggled to get a word in edgeways, but told the protesters he didn't think he could say anything that would "satisfy" him.

"I don't think the Department of Conservation and those that work for them are terrorists," Mr Parker told the man.

"You terrorise me because you make us drink poisoned water," the protester told the minister.

"What successive Governments have done is ask scientific authorities to look at those allegations, including the Environmental Protection Authority and the Animal Health Board and DoC. They have all looked at it and come to a view that you disagree with," Mr Parker said.

Both National and Labour say 1080 is the most effective pest control tool New Zealand has. They have the support of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, the Department of Conservation, the Environmental Protection Authority, and lobby groups including Forest and Bird, Federated Farmers, WWF and Ospri.

Studies have failed to show 1080 - which is water soluble - poisons waterways.

Outside Parliament, security donned hazmats suits to remove the "fake" 1080 pellets after concerns about toxicity.

The 1080 protesters told Newshub the pellets were made of oats and food colouring. They were so keen to demonstrate the pellets were not toxic that they ate them in front of police and media.

A handful of protesters have been present outside Parliament since hundreds took part in a march on Saturday.

Mr Parker said the dead birds would be tested to determine whether they had been killed by 1080, as the protesters alleged.