Ex-Minister Clare Curran says private emails will be 'publicly discoverable'

Former Minister Clare Curran says she will archive all of her private emails relating to ministerial business.

"I've given the Prime Minister an assurance that I'm archiving all my Gmails," Ms Curran said on Tuesday.

"I'm working through that at the moment and they'll be publicly discoverable."

She did not comment on whether she would proactively release the emails to the public.

Ms Curran resigned as Minister for Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media and Associate Minister for ACC on Friday, and remains the Labour MP for Dunedin South.

When news broke of her undisclosed meeting with Derek Handley over the Government's vacant Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role, Ms Curran's office released a chain of emails relating to the meeting.

Asked on Tuesday if that was the full chain of communication, Ms Curran said it was "the full chain of emails that related to the meeting that I had with him in February."

She said there may be more emails that she exchanged with Mr Handley, and then repeated her assurance that she was archiving her emails.

"I'm going through a process... I haven't completed that process yet," she said.

She reiterated that she resigned due to "a belief that my situation had become a distraction for the Government and I was under intolerable pressure."

Ms Curran said the Government is committed to investing in public broadcasting, and sees that democracies like New Zealand are an outlier compared to the rest of the world in terms of investment in public interest media.

"It's quite a big job after decades of stagnant funding and a lack of value of that," she said.

"So I think that this Government is really committed to it - and I hope that I've made a contribution to that."