Government is 'making New Zealand great again' - Winston Peters

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters has borrowed an iconic phrase from US President Donald Trump while praising the Coalition Government.

Mr Peters told Parliament they were "making New Zealand great again", utilising Mr Trump's infamous campaign slogan.

The New Zealand First leader is taking care of domestic political duties while Ms Ardern is at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

During questioning from National Party leader Simon Bridges about the Chief Technology Officer role offered to and then stripped away from Derek Handley, Mr Peters went on a tangent about the kindness of Ms Ardern and the success of the current Government.

Mr Bridges was asking about the communications between Ms Ardern and Mr Handley.

He asked if it was normal for her to tell friends who wanted to catch up: "I'll talk to the team about how we can make use of you and your kind offer."

Mr Peters hit back, saying the Prime Minister "is someone that does attract attention, unlike some leaders" - a clear dig at Mr Bridges' popularity.

"Secondly, she's a very kind-hearted person who seeks any New Zealander now wanting to swarm back home to the great country that we're building, now that we're making New Zealand great again," he said.

Mr Peters said all communications from all parties in relation to the Government's CTO role will be released imminently.