Jacinda Ardern 'new squeezy toy' at United Nations - Duncan Garner

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will be an object of fascination during her trip overseas this week, says The AM Show host Duncan Garner.

Ms Ardern's visit to the United Nations in New York will be punctuated with media interviews on some of America's biggest talk shows.

"She's very much going to be a new squeezy toy in the toy shop. They're all going to want to touch her and meet her and shake hands and 'aw where's the baby'," he says.

Newshub political reporter Tova O'Brien is with her in New York and said Ms Ardern is on a "celebrity circuit" of sorts.

"Neve has gone global. Three months old, the Prime Minister has taken her baby to the United Nations," she says.

"There aren't any planned announcements. Platitudes is probably a bit cruel but just kind of talking about the high level stuff."

Ms Ardern will speak at a United Nations climate change event on Monday night (NZ time). However Garner questioned what she's achieved - saying we're going to "spectacularly fail" to meet our goals.

"The truth is we're failing miserably when it comes to climate change," he says.

"I bet she doesn't say that. I bet in New York she doesn't say we're failing miserably. We're not incentivising electric cars, our carbon emissions are going through the roof and we don't yet punish the polluters."