Jacinda Ardern reveals what she would say to Donald Trump

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has revealed what she would say to US President Donald Trump if she had the chance to sit down with him for five minutes. 

The Prime Minister is in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, and took time to appear on NBC's Today show, where she gushed on motherhood and discussed politics. 

Host of the breakfast TV show Hoda Kotb asked Ms Ardern what she would say to Mr Trump if she had five minutes to sit down with him.

"I would just talk about New Zealand," Ms Ardern replied. 

"I'd like to think that we're exemplars and that we've got a record that we can be proud of. I probably would just talk about us."

It was a safe response from the Prime Minister. However, she did talk about her belief that politics doesn't have to be a place "full of ego and where you're constantly focused on scoring hits against one another".

Ms Ardern said she will discuss the need for international rules while she's in New York, which is a thinly veiled crack at the US President and his flouting of systems like the UN.

But speaking to media in New York on Monday, Ms Ardern declined to take aim at Mr Trump directly, saying there's "not just one country challenging the rules-based system".

The two leaders interacted in November last year in the Philippines for the APEC conference. It was there that Mr Trump told a person standing behind Ms Ardern that she "caused a lot of upset in her country" referring to the election. 

Speaking on the Today show, Ms Ardern has also talked about New Zealand's MMP system, after the host told her Americans find the idea of a coalition government "fascinating". 

"You share power with someone who is your polar political opposite," the host said. 

"We've got three parties together in our coalition Government and we do have things we really share in common - principles and beliefs that are in common - and we use those as our platform together," Ms Ardern replied. 

"We're building what I'd like to believe is a really compassionate Government - one that's focussed on lifting the wellbeing of our people - but also doing well economically too," she said. 

Americans have warmed to Ms Ardern's modern "working-mum" persona, US entertainment correspondent Sam Rubin told The AM Show on Friday. 

The Prime Minister will also make an appearance this week on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert