Jacinda Ardern treads lightly on subject of Donald Trump at United Nations

The Prime Minister spent the one-year anniversary of the New Zealand election in New York, promoting our country and treading very carefully on the topic of the US President.

Donald Trump arrives in the Big Apple today, and while Jacinda Ardern appears to be getting a disproportionate amount of attention at the United Nations, all eyes are on President Trump and what he might say or do.

The United Nations General Assembly is considered the ultimate in diplomatic speed dating.While Ms Ardern hits the circuit, her partner Clarke Gayford is on baby duty.

"She's probably more well-rested than I am," she remarked of daughter Neve.

Her first date was with UN boss Antonio Guterres, better known in New Zealand as the man who got Helen Clark's job.

There have been nine UN Secretaries-General - not one of them a woman.

Ms Ardern has talked a big game about combating sexism while in New York, but didn't raise the subject with the man who derailed her mentor Helen Clark.

"My opportunity was to raise opportunities of interest to New Zealand," she said.

President Trump is returning for his second speech to the general assembly. Last year, he launched a geo-political grenade into the delicate diplomacy, commenting that the UN had no choice but to "totally destroy North Korea".

This year, he has Iran squarely in his sights.

"I'm not going to make any guesses about what might be said," Ms Ardern told media.

While she's in New York, she'll talk a lot about the need for international rules, which is a thinly veiled crack at the US President and his flouting of systems like the UN.

However she declined to take aim at him in particular, saying there's "not just one country challenging the rules-based system".

New York is heading into lockdown, preparing for everything and anything apart from the one thing that can't be prepared for: President Trump.