Jacinda Ardern unveils the coalition's top 12 priorities they've agreed on

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, looking to see off criticism her coalition lacks direction, has delivered a speech in Auckland detailing 12 priorities that will drive the Government's long-term direction.

She says it's the first of its kind since the introduction of MMP, and sets out "a comprehensive set of priorities across a wide range of economic, social and cultural areas and agreed to by all parties that are part of the Government".

"This plan represents our shared vision and priorities - Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens," she said at AUT University in Auckland.

"It establishes the foundation for the Government's work and includes issues of particular importance to each of the parties which are supported by all of them."

The 12 priorities, together referred to by the Government as "Our Plan", are:

  • "Grow and share New Zealand's prosperity more fairly"
  • "Support thriving, sustainable regions"
  • "Govern responsibly"
  • "Transition to a clean, green carbon-neutral New Zealand"
  • "Ensure everyone who is able to is earning, learning, caring or volunteering"
  • "Support healthier, safer and more connected communities"
  • "Ensure everyone has a warm, dry home"
  • "Make New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child"
  • "Deliver open, transformative and compassionate government"
  • "Build closer partnerships with Māori"
  • "Value who we are as a country"
  • "Create an international reputation we can be proud of"

"We are a government of change and this plan shows our new thinking on how we'll tackle the big challenges facing our country and the world such as poverty and inequality and climate change," said Ms Ardern.

"Every New Zealander can clearly see what the Government is doing and what our priorities are. While not everything we will do is listed, it provides certainty on our direction and the issues we are focused on.

"We have delivered significant change and progress in our first year. Our plan sets out our coalition's path for unlocking the potential of our country and taking New Zealand forward."

There have been a number of headlines in the past week concerning the stability of the coalition, with a focus on how much power New Zealand First leader Winston Peters wields.

Mr Peters took the stage before Ms Ardern, and said he was pleased to say that after "nearly a year in office" the Government has retained New Zealanders' confidence.

"We remain as committed as ever to make this coalition and Government work."

He said this was the "first true MMP Government", and "robust discussions" are not a sign of division or weakness.

The Greens are not a formal part of the coalition, but support the Government on confidence and supply.