Judith Collins wants Christchurch boy racers' cars crushed

Judith 'Crusher' Collins is back on the crush-wagon after Christchurch boy racers went on a rampage over the weekend.

Saturday's Aves Invasion event disintegrated into "anti-social behaviour" as the hoons began doing burnouts and skids on the road.

After police were called, angry boy racers attacked a police car. Video shows them kicking in the doors, smashing its windows and stomping on its bonnet.

It's drawn a furious reaction from the former Police Minister, who wants the boy racers to pay for their actions.

"Anyone else thinking that some car crushing is needed here?" the staunch law and order supporter tweeted after seeing video of the incident.

Ms Collins is known for introducing legislation that would see boy racers' vehicles crushed, earning her the nickname 'Crusher Collins'. Her policy led to several cars being destroyed.

Ms Collins told Newshub the Christchurch racers need their cars crushed as it's "very visually deterrent".

"It's the same behaviour that led to the car crushing legislation going through Parliament," she told Newshub on Wednesday.

"It's pretty clear these street racers think they're in charge rather than the police and the law-abiding public."


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