Marama Fox's landlord evicted her after she failed to pay thousands in rent

Former MP Marama Fox's landlord has told Newshub he had to evict her after she failed to pay thousands of dollars in rent for commercial premises.

It comes as her consultancy business was liquidated for debts of over $70,000.

Craig Nelson, landlord of a commercial premises in Masterton, says he is owed $15,000 in unpaid rent and legal fees because he had to evict her.

Mr Nelson said he gave her a number of extensions, and she told him she was trying to raise money.

"She told me she was in Auckland trying to get funding from investors. Then she just stopped returning calls," Mr Nelson said.

"Then I saw her on Dancing With The Stars. It left a sour taste in the mouth that's for sure."

Simon O'Donoghue, a local Masterton glazier, says Ms Fox owes $2500 for an "ornate glass whiteboard" that she wanted inside her office.

"She wanted it for the official opening. I did the job, it was quite extravagant," he said.

"She was living like a Queen, but not able to pay for it."

Ms Fox's consultancy business, which was aimed at setting up affordable housing, has gone into liquidation.

That's because of debts of $40,000 to a travel agent, and $30,000 to a Masterton I.T firm called Ohnyx.

Its director Jono Oh told Newshub the costs are for six Surface Pro laptops with accessories, an iMac and office networking equipment. The firm says it has not got this equipment back.

Ms Fox said she would not be commenting until the liquidators report comes out.

“Of course I'm devastated that it has come to this and I apologise unreservedly. I am fully cooperating with the liquidator whilst going through this process, He will present his report in 30 days," she told Newshub. 

"I'm still working to ensure all outstanding debts are paid in full and hope to have a favourable outcome quickly."