NZ First MP Darroch Ball submits Member's Bill for instant fines for shoplifters

New Zealand First MP Darroch Ball has put in a submission that would allow police to hand out instant fines for shoplifters that are a minimum of $150.

Greg Harford from Retail NZ told Newshub he thought the fine would be a step in the right direction.

"It makes sense that there's a really sensible and simple infringement notice system so those petty thieves undertaking minor crime in retail stores can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently."

Shoplifters could also be fined one-and-a-half times the value of the goods.

Mr Harford told Newshub if the Bill was pulled from the ballot and passed it would send a message to petty thieves.

"We think it's really good news and a really effective deterrent to help break that cycle of crime," he said.