Supermodel Rachel Hunter interviews 'goddess' Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Supermodel Rachel Hunter interviews 'goddess' Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
Photo credit: Getty/ Newshub

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has sat down with supermodel Rachel Hunter and author Emma Mildon for a podcast episode titled 'How to Lead with Love and Grace'.

In the latest podcast from the 11:11 series, Ms Hunter and Ms Mildon praise the Prime Minister's "divine feminine grace" and "beautiful energy and power", calling her the "mother of a nation" and a "goddess".

Ms Ardern said she feels that her personality doesn't fit into the traditional styles of leadership, but that doesn't make her a weaker leader.

"I don't consider myself a particularly aggressive person, I do have a tendency to collaborate, I very much enjoy working with teams of people and seeing them also rise," she said.

"I have this very strong sense of empathy, does any of that diminish the strength that you need for a leadership role or does any of that make you weak? Absolutely not."

Ms Ardern said she "never for a moment ever questioned that my gender would stop me from doing something".

11:11 podcast hosts Rachel Hunter and Emma Mildon.
11:11 podcast hosts Rachel Hunter and Emma Mildon. Photo credit: Supplied

She spoke about the "crude" way the political system measures wealth by GDP growth and explained why the Government plans to introduce a 'wellbeing Budget' in 2019.

As an example she talked about a family who run a business and made a good profit.

"But in doing so they've churned out waste into the local river and their child has mental health issues and they haven't accessed decent education that year, well is that really wealth and is that really a country that's prospering or a family that's prospering?" she asked.

"Those crude measures don't pick up connectedness, they don't pick up human behaviour or our wider impacts that we have as we fulfil those economic objectives."

She said while she's had amazing opportunities and incredible experiences, she is still being a mum, changing nappies and taking out the rubbish.

"In amongst it all one of my favourite places to be is still on a beach in Gisborne and doing normal things like cooking dinner for my family."

She also joked about that her partner Clarke Gayford would be "outraged when he hears me claim I'm changing the nappies", because he does it on a 5:1 ratio.