Trevor Mallard, Simon Bridges in bizarre grammar debate in Parliament

Parliament has been treated to a bizarre English lesson after Trevor Mallard attempted to correct Simon Bridges' grammar.

The Opposition leader tangled with the Speaker over the difference between 'has' and 'have' during Question Time on Tuesday, taking multiple attempts to phrase his question correctly.

The former prosecutor was asking Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern about her handling of the Clare Curran fiasco when Mr Mallard appeared to struggle with his hearing.

"Have she and her ministers lived up to the commitment..." Mr Bridges began, before he was interrupted by the Speaker.

"Order, order. I think it's 'have'," Mr Mallard exclaimed.

Somewhat baffled, Mr Bridges apologised and had another attempt - this time getting it wrong.

"Has she and her..."

"No, no... take the sheet, I think."

"Well that's what I said Mr Speaker."

"No, you said 'has' not 'have'."

Mr Bridges went back to what he said the first time, finally satisfying Mr Mallard.

"Have she and her ministers lived up to her commitment to be the most open, most transparent Government that New Zealand has ever had?" he asked.

Mr Mallard has a history with National; in May, MP Gerry Brownlee issued a letter of "serious concern" over his chairing of the House and his alleged role in "negative stories" about the party.


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