Jami-Lee Ross affair claims: 'At least another five' women

Newsroom reporter Melanie Reid says she knows of "at least another five" women with stories to tell about Jami-Lee Ross.

Newsroom on Thursday morning quoted four women accusing the outgoing National MP of being a narcissist who used "brutal sex" to "dig dirt" on others. Two allegedly had affairs with Mr Ross, and the other two detailed their "toxic working environment".

Ms Reid, who wrote the article after investigating Mr Ross' behaviour for a year, told The AM Show they're not the only women with complaints against the 32-year-old Botany MP.

"There are more women who have had affairs with him," she told host Duncan Garner. "There's at least another five I know of… We're talking about a number of affairs over a long period of time."

The allegations are unproven, but Mr Ross himself hinted at the scale of the allegations on Tuesday when he claimed leader Simon Bridges told him 15 women could be found.

Mr Ross has denied any wrongdoing, at least when it comes to his behaviour around women at Parliament.

Ms Reid told The AM Show the woman hadn't come forward until now because they feared "some sort of revenge".

"When you have Jami-Lee Ross talking often as he has in the last few days about moral compass and being comfortable with his behaviour, it was certainly a tipping point for the women I've spoken to."

Jami-Lee Ross.
Jami-Lee Ross. Photo credit: AAP

None of the women in the Newsroom story are named.

"They're all quite fearful, some of the women feel threatened," said Ms Reid. "The story is about misuse of power and mistreatment of women. It's not really about the sex but it's about the content of character of a senior MP."

The two alleged affairs detailed by Newsroom were consensual, Ms Reid says.

"But the woman have indicated that once they became involved, they couldn't get out - it was only after a period of time that they could see their way clear and figure out what was going on.

"It was certainly a power control and manipulation situation."

Melanie Reid.
Melanie Reid. Photo credit: Newsroom

Newshub has contacted Mr Ross for a response to the Newsroom article. He declined to talk to Newsroom.