'Disloyal disgrace': Judith Collins, Maggie Barry slam Jami-Lee Ross' 'appalling' tweets

Judith Collins and Maggie Barry have come out swinging against comments made on Twitter by their fellow National MP Jami-Lee Ross.

A report into who leaked Simon Bridges' expenses documents was released on Monday - and while it wasn't conclusive, the evidence did point to Mr Ross.

In retaliation, the Botany MP sent out four tweets just minutes before Mr Bridges was due to speak to media about the investigation's findings.

He said he was being framed for the leak because "[Mr Bridges] can not find who the actual leak is".

Mr Ross also accused Mr Bridges of breaking the law around the National Party's election donations, and threatened to release more information in the days ahead.

Papakura MP Ms Collins has condemned Mr Ross' actions - while also seeming to take a dig at Mr Bridges' leadership in the same breath.

"What's been said today on Twitter is pretty appalling," she told NZME. "I would not put up with it if I was in his [Mr Bridges'] position."

She reiterated to Newshub that she "wouldn't put up with the behaviour at all".

"My point to Jami-Lee Ross is put up or shut up."

She said Mr Ross, who she believes to be the leaker, should have come forward sooner to spare every other member of the caucus being subjected to a needless breach of privacy.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) conducted a "forensic examination" of every National MP's electronic devices in an attempt to identify the culprit.

North Shore MP Ms Barry had some very strong words for Mr Ross, calling him a "disloyal disgrace" and a "flawed and isolated individual".

She indicated she would vote to suspend or even expel him from caucus on Tuesday.