Overwhelming support from Australians for Nauru refugees to be moved to New Zealand poll

There is overwhelming support from the Australian public for the Australian government to accept New Zealand offer's to resettle refugees currently in detention on Nauru.

According to a poll of more than 1000 people commissioned by The Sunday Telegraph, 79 percent of Australians want children and their families transferred off the island.

Half of those polled believe allowing the resettlement deal would not open the floodgates to more refugees, while a quarter said they'd vote for the current Liberal-Nationals coalition if the agreement was ratified.

Millennials were most in support of the deal, but 44 percent of respondents said the government's decision wouldn't change their vote.

Earlier in October, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he would support sending refugees on Nauru to New Zealand, as long as the "back door" to Australia was closed.

That back door could be closed by a proposed Australian Bill from 2016, which would prevent asylum seekers who arrived at Nauru in 2013 from applying for an Australian visa. It would stop anyone transferred to New Zealand, who becomes a New Zealand citizen, travelling to Australia.

Due to opposition from Labor and the Greens, the Bill has yet to be passed.

Eleven children were evacuated from the island earlier this week, leaving 52 refugees there.