Patrick Gower: Simon Bridges is finished

OPINION: Simon Bridges is finished.

It's been 62 days since Newshub Political Editor Tova O'Brien got that excellent scoop of Simon Bridges' limousine expenses.

This was a sophisticated hit from the leaker, setting in motion a political train wreck that's now at bullet-speed - full-scale political carnage.

We now we see these elected representatives for what they really are; concerns over possible mental health issues have been tossed aside in the rush to the kill or be killed.

There is no humanity.

It's Mean Girls meets West Wing - and it'll mean lasting damage to National's brand.

Meanwhile, National isn't addressing the important issues. There are not enough teachers for our classrooms and there's not enough money in our wallets to pay for petrol.

The only thing in Bridges' favour here is that National is short of contenders.

So, who else could save the day? What about bringing Air New Zealand's Christopher Luxon? Richie McCaw? …Mark Richardson?

Actually, old mate the kererū might have a better shot of winning the 2020 election.

But back to Simon Bridges - this is about him and how he's not handling the job - or connecting with the public.

Labour is just kicking back and watching. As for Winston? Oh Winston.

He is a funny guy. But make no mistake, Winston is a political mastermind. This is so calculated - he thinks Simon Bridges is a joke.

The only chance National has to get back in power is a deal with Peters. And the way Winston keeps burning Bridges, that will never happen.

That's why Simon Bridges is finished.

It doesn't matter how many days are left, Simon Bridges, because there is no chance National can win in 2020.

Patrick Gower is Newshub's National Correspondent