Poll: Who should replace Simon Bridges as National leader?

According to The AM Show host Duncan Garner, there's growing disquiet in the National Party over Simon Bridges' leadership.

Internal polling has his favourability rating at negative 25 percent, a National source told Newshub, and there are now concerns over an amended donations return.

But if not Mr Bridges, who won a leadership battle at the start of the year, then who? If it was up to you, who would lead National into the next election?

The possible contenders.
The possible contenders. Photo credit: Newshub/file.

Is it Judith Collins, the veteran rabble-rouser who would shift the party harder to the right? Or Mark Mitchell, the ex-private soldier who fought - and maybe killed - enemies in Iraq?

Perhaps it's Amy Adams, the former Minister of Social Housing, Broadcasting, Communications, Justice and Courts?

Or do you think it's time for Paula Bennett to finally make the leap from deputy to leader? Or could Nikki Kaye do a Jacinda Ardern?

Chris Bishop - could he be the first millennial Prime Minister? Or might you prefer someone with more experience, like Gerry Brownlee or Todd McClay?

Or maybe you're totally fine with Mr Bridges leading National into the 2020 election.

Cast your vote below, and help Mr Bridges know who to watch out for.