Principals unanimously support teachers' strike - NZ Principals' Federation president

The New Zealand Principals' Federation fully supports striking teachers, the union voting unanimously to back the strike.

Primary school teachers and principals will undertake rolling strikes, beginning in Auckland on November 12 and making their way down the country across the rest of the week.

Teachers are seeking a 16 percent pay rise over two years, as well as smaller classes and more adequate resources and staffing.

Principals Federation President Whetu Cormick told The AM Show his union understands the pressure that teachers are under with the current system.

"We know that school leaders and also teachers need more time to do their job and the job is becoming more complex," he said.

"We've said earlier it's not just about money - it's also about time to get the job done and also support to do the job."

Mr Cormick said the Government is trying its best, but there are some areas still seriously lacking.

"We have a Minister of Education, and also an Associate Minister of Education Tracey Martin, who is listening to the profession - she's been a great supporter in particularly this area," he said.

"The problem we have is there's not enough supports in place at the moment in the special education service.

"So there is a consultation at the moment to look at what can be done better to help young people with special education needs, but at the moment there's just not enough support."