Reject Govt pay offer, union tells secondary school teachers

The secondary teachers' union has advised members to reject the Government's pay offer.

Post-Primary Teacher Association (PPTA) delegates are meeting in Wellington on Tuesday to discuss the latest offer, which hasn't been made public.

Primary school teachers announced on Monday they will vote on whether to strike on their pay offer. They took part in an August 15 strike across the country.

Strikes could also go ahead for secondary teachers if they decide to reject the offer.

"This offer doesn't come anywhere near addressing the teacher shortages we are facing," PPTA President Jack Boyle said.

"We cannot countenance putting generations of young people's learning at risk because there are not enough teachers to staff schools."

Speaking from the conference, Mr Boyle said teachers would likely hear excuses that there's not enough putea (funds), but he said the coalition Government made much of education during the election campaign.

"We are lucky too - we've got a Prime Minister who is absolutely committed to making sure New Zealand is the best place to be a child,"

The PPTA asked the Government for a 15 percent pay rise over one year.

A shortage of secondary school teachers resulted in the Government introducing "stop-gap" measures in November 2017, including enticing overseas teachers to New Zealand with a relocation grant of up to $7000. 

In January, Newshub reported half of all secondary school teachers quit within five years.