Ruapehu Councillor tells defeated rival to 'go smoke some dope, dopehead'

A regional Councillor says he regrets calling his former election rival a "dopehead".

Bruce Rollinson, a Ruapehu Councillor, made the allegation on a Facebook post on his rival John Chapman's Facebook page, the Whanganui Chronicle reports.

Mr Chapman lost his election battle with Mr Rollinson in 2016, and is presently a National Park Community Board member. But tensions between the pair remain.

Mr Chapman made a Facebook post regarding freshwater controls, the Chronicle reports. Mr Rollinson weighed in, telling Mr Chapman to "find out the facts before go on spouting nothing you know about [sic]".

"The untruths (lies) you tell about One Plan I will call you out on. Nobody believes the crap you make up! You have totally misrepresented the facts and live in your own pathetic world. Go smoke some dope, dopehead!"

Mr Chapman reportedly laid a complaint, which was handled by Horizons council chairman Bruce Gordon, who spoke to the pair.

Mr Rollinson said he'd remove the line calling Mr Chapman a "dopehead", but Mr Chapman had already removed the entire post.

Mr Chapman still wants an apology.

"He is alleging illegal activity," he told the Chronicle.

"I regret entering into dialogue with him because I have much more important issues to attend to," Mr Rollinson said.