'Shh, bubba': Neve steals the show as Jacinda Ardern addresses Govt surplus in live video

While Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern chatted to the nation about the pressing issues, daughter Neve was having a conversation of her own. 

Ms Ardern addressed questions from members of the public on Facebook Live on Tuesday, talking about the Government's $5.5 billion surplus and fuel taxes.

She also addressed the issue of rising fuel prices, after petrol prices increased by 3.5 cents nationwide on October 1 as an increase to the fuel excise came into effect.

However it was baby Neve who stole the show, repeatedly interrupting her mother by squealing loudly throughout the video. 

At one point, Ms Ardern has to stop to address the background chit-chat. 

"Shhh, bubba, shhh," she stopped mid-sentence to say at one point during the broadcast.

"Neve is really chatting a lot more than usual at present - I think she might think I'm talking to her."

"I think Neve is trying to tell me to hurry up to write my speech for the Paralympic event I'm going to tonight, or that she needs a little bit of attention paid to her before I go out again.

"I'm going to go and do that," Ms Ardern finished, before ending the video.

Earlier in the video, Ms Ardern spoke about the importance of getting New Zealand into a strong economic position ahead of a potential global downturn.