'This is obviously a citrus tree' - PM responds to 'mischievous' comments about KiwiBuild gift

The Prime Minister has welcomed the first families to move in to new KiwiBuild homes in south Auckland.

Ms Ardern was at the development in Papakura on Saturday for a welcome party for the new home owners, along with other Government ministers.

But amongst all the fun, Ms Ardern's gift of a citrus tree prompted comments from "mischievous" users during a Facebook Live video stream.

While Ms Ardern was discussing the new properties, Housing Minister Phil Twyford - whose middle name is Stoner - stood in the background of the shot holding the small tree, which some remarked looked like a cannabis plant.

"That plant looks like a marijuana tree hahaha," one person wrote.

"Looks like a dope plant," another person said.

But Ms Ardern was quick to quash any untoward suggestions about the plant, zooming in on it so people could see what it really was.

"I'll just give you a closer look, because people are questioning what kind of plant this is," she said as the other ministers laughed.

"I'm bringing it closer in so everyone can see this is obviously a citrus tree everybody, mischievous comments on Facebook."